Beech 18. Complete interior: Leather/Wool Seats and
side panels, new carpet, New headliner, new panel. New woodwork Plus..

This Beech 18 used to be gray and red. The Gray and Red interior matched it,
although it was stiff and uninviting. The aircraft was repainted, using cream and
marroon. The old gray and red clashed horribly. The aft refreshment center and the pull
out tables were made of heavy 1970ish laminate. The curtains were a heavy burlap
feeling material. Here are some before photos, followed by tear out photos.

Now for the tear out! We are going to remove the prop de-ice tank
and the associated plumbing under the pilots seat.

New plastic ceiling light panel and new headliner installed.

Installed new suede lower side panels.

Installed solid walnut side wall trim to hide the curtain rods.

For a change of pace, finished the aft baggage compartment.

Tackling the cockpit seats. Sheepskin on the seating area,
soft chocolate leather for the backs and sides. Lumbar support and thigh support.

Cabin seats. Wool Broadcloth and chocolate leather.

Cabin Bench seating. Wool Broadcloth and chocolate leather.
The seat belt cables for the cockpit are covered with leather sheaths.

Wood trim is put on the bench seat and cabin seats. Solid walnut is trimmed,
glued, cut to fit, edges routed and stained and finished. Potty coverd with walnut.

Cockpit engine controls are stripped.
The colors were blinding, now they are polished.

Panel had multiple inop radios. Panel was pulled,
new radios installed, and all put back together again.

Then we tackled the stairs. Old aluminum strips removed.
New carpet and custom stair treads.

Nose baggage is finished, with a barrier to protect the remote radios.

New refreshment center and wall tables are constructed by Scott Harshbarger.
The cooler is cooper lined with an external drain. The door has slots for
drinks to rest next to the chiller so they don't get lost in the ice.
There is a wine glass holder, tumbler holder, mini liquer slots, and a wine
rack for wine miniatures.

Jason Morris modifies the ashtrays in the wall tables to hide the headset jacks.

Some finished pictures...