In addition to the full restorations,
this is a sampling of some of the Cessna 120/140/140A interiors we have done.

A 1947 Cessna 140. Full leather interior. Embroidered baggage surround. new carpet and headliner.

A 1946 Cessna 140. Old vinyl and material seats, and NEW leather and material seats.

1947 Cessna 140, before and after.

1950 Cessna 140A all leather seats.
The framed seat bottoms were gone, so it is using the all foam seat bottoms like the 1946 models.

Cessna 140A in Leather.

Two more cessna seats. One in leather and one in vinyl/material.

More Cessna 140 seats.
These are tan and red, even though they look orange.

Cessna 140 with Cessna 150 seats. Different doorpanels,
allowing the existing hollows in the doors to be utilized for pockets.