The Spartan Executive was designed in 1935 and produced from 1936 to 1940.
Some pictures of the Spartan prototype.

Ours was SN 15, and was produced in 1938. It took every bit of Ken's persuasive
powers to convince Lorraine to give up her beloved Bonanza and her recently completed
Cessna 150 Conversion in order to get this dilapidated airplane.

Ken was hired by the broker to bring it to Rockford, so on the way he and his dad, Gene,
came up with all the reasons whey we NEEDED this airplane.

Gene and Ken flew it home, then brought it over to see if it would 'fit' in the hangar.

He somehow convinced me to go along with his plane, and soon it was ours!
We started off by having a party and giving rides to the neighbors and friends.

The goal was to have it presentable by Oshkosh 2000, which was in 2 weeks.
That meant that we had to polish and polish and polish!

We made it to Oshkosh 2000, and were quite the hit, dubbed the 'Spartan Spartan'.

After Oshkosh, we started tearing things apart and spent the winter patching holes
and putting in a new interior and new radios and panel.

We fixed the flare holes.

We fixed the ADF hole on the top of the fuselage

We had it repainted, then gutted the interior, and put new insullation in.
We also recovered the fabric controls, but I don't have any pictures of that!

The panel was torn up and repainted.

The interior was up next! We found the original seats under the existing seat cover. We did the sides too.

The plane had old radios from the 60's still installed, so we ripped them out.

We left the original air tank to operate the flaps.

We needed to do some work on the gas tanks, so pulled the wings
off cause that is the only way to get to the tanks. It became the wingless wonder!

While the wings were off, we decided to re-skin one of the inboard walks.

We enjoyed flying it around for a year or two.

Then in 2002 Ken was giving rides when the engine siezed!
He ended up making a beautiful landing in a bean field.

Then engine tore itself up on the inside, breaking the master rod,
and freezing the engine up.

We had to buy a core engine to overhaul because there was nothing useable in the old one. While it was down, we decided to re-skin the top of the left wing. Also, a gear test picture, while we are at it!

All of the work was done by Gene, Lorraine and Ken Morris.

In 2003 we had a 65th Birthday party for the Spartan!

A few more pictures of the plane. More big pictures in the Photo gallery.