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In the mood for something different, we purchased a 1959 Cessna 150.
1959 was the first year the C150 was produced, and they used leftover fuselages from the Cessna 140A.
We found it in Indianna and flew it home. We each took turns flying it around the pattern,
then started taking it apart. We used the Lowe Conversion. It is an STC that is available and works great!

The funny thing about the 150 is that the nose strut is connected to the engine mount. As soon as the engine mount is removed, it is a taildragger.

We through the engine into the back of the 1950 Ford truck, and put the tail in the bed. Then we dragged it home to the shop.

Once we got it home, we started taking it apart and assessing. There was a big patch on top, so we thought we would clean it up. When we took off the scab patch, we found that someone had removed an antenna with a can opener. That meant we would have to replace the roof skin.

While the top was off, we replaced the windshield then put on a new cabin top.

We pulled everything out of the panel, then did some work on the doors.

Next it was time to build an apparatus to flip it on it's back so we can work on getting it on conventional gear.

In order to do this conversion, we needed a sacrificial lamb. We found a stash of old Cessna 140s, and used one that would never fly again. We drug it home and started to take parts off of it.

The old gear boxes were removed from the donor 140, and installed in the 150 fuselage. The 150 belly had the skins removed and new ones fabricated.

The new tailwheel bracket is installed, along with the new stringers. Then it is rotated and now is on conventional gear!

The fuselage is stripped, and the new spinner is tried out for size. Then it goes to the paint shop.

Paint is finished, then it is put together.

Lorraine puts the finishing touches on the headliner and the interior is done.

Some finished pictures...