This airplane we bought on ebay, sight unseen. Not one of our brighter moves,
but in this instance, it worked out. This is what we saw on ebay.

Ken flew out to Pheonix and met the owner, who was leaving for Egypt and
needed to sell it fast. Ken got it a ferry permit and loaded up for the trip east!

Ken flew it to Texas then to Arkansas,
where he was met by Lorraine for the next leg.

Once in Illinois, the tear out began. First up was to pull the engine.

Next up was to tear out the old insullation on the firewall
and clean up around the rudder pedals.

General clean up and zincing of the fuselage.

We pulled the gear and inspected everything.
Cleaned up the gear boxes and put on new tires.

The tailwheel was removed and inspected and put back together.

Now for the panel. It was stripped and re-painted.

Ken re-wired the panel.

The false panels were painted the same blue as the outside,
and the trim system was cleaned up.

The wing covering was removed so that we could see how the wings were inside.
The covering was Ok, but the dope was so thin you could see through it.
The wings were recovered and painted white.

The fuselage was stripped and painted white.

We built a paint booth to keep the overspray down. Then the parts started getting painted!

The rest of the parts were polished and the rubber trim applied.

The wings were finished and the plane was put together.

The headliner was installed

The plane was weighed.

Some finished pictures of the plane!