This airplane we purchased with a Curtiss Jr. that the owner had for sale.
Ken's father had one in the past, so we decided to put it together and have fun with it!
It hadn't flown since 1960.

We took it home and took stock of the parts and pieces. Ken's father, Gene, took the wings to Texas to redo for us.

While Gene was working on the wings, we tore into the fuselage, litteraly!
We peeled the belly skin off, and re-glued all the joints on the inside.
We patched and repaired all the wood.

After the repairs were made, the fuselage was varnished inside and out.

The cabin top was insullated and new wood installed to cover it.

A new belly skin was put on and then the fuselage was coated with fiberfill. Sanded and re-filled. Over and Over and Over again!

The plane was painted with pink poly brush, then the fabric was applied.

More pink poly brush was put on the fabric, the poly spray is put on.

Now it was time to get some paint on it! The firewall is put on and some paint is sprayed on the fuselage.

Time for the cowl. Since it came with a Franklin engine, and we converted
it to a Continental engine, a new cowl needed to be made. Ken and Gen
worked tirelessly and did a fantastic job!

The new Continental C-85 was installed with new baffle seal.

The panel was cut and installed with all newly overhauled instruments.

More painting of parts!

The wings were put on and the gear was tested.

The interior!