Updated 1-9-15

This airplane is completely original. It still had the original
fabric for the door panels, headliner and carpeting. It came from Kansas.
Ken flew it home, and the next day we attacked it like a bunch of locusts!

Day one we got the wings off and part of the wing covering off.
Day two we removed the engine and the firewall so we could get to the brakes.

The panel when we flew home and after day 3.

Major mouse nest in the speaker cavity. Brakes gunked up!

Original firewall blanket complete with insullation.
Hooker Shoulder Harness installed.

The old paint is removed.

Wings prepped and ready to cover. Cool factory drag wire lashing.

The gear is removed for sandblasting and paint. Turned the fuselage on its top and it makes it easy to polish the belly.

Polishing happening on the belly.

Rt wing was inspected, repaired as necessary, and covered.
Poly Brush on, next step is Silver Poly Spray.

More polishing on the belly!

Tailwheel is dismantled, inspected, cleaned and painted. New tailwheel hubcap!

Working on the wings. Next steps, sand, silver, sand, silver, sand, silver...

Panel is painted, Piano keys cleaned, PTT installed, new plastic is installed.

New D windows and Skylights are installed, using #3 original brazier rivets!

Original battery box removed, Odyssey dry cell and ELT battery installed.

Doors were painted and new glass installed.

The old door lock is removed and new door lock installed.

Panel put together, striping put on fuselage.

Wings and tail are masked and painted. Bottoms of tailfeathers are painted silver.

Windshield is fitted and installed

Firewall installed and engine mount and engine mounted.

Flaps are painted on the underside and polished on the top.

Wings installed. You Tube Video of wing installation here: http://youtu.be/EPoaRZphsLY

Panel is put together and some finished pictures...