5329C is a 1950 Cessna 140A. We call her Carly.

Carly has a sad story. She was flying in the late 1980s, when a storm
came through and tore the doors off the community hangar she was in.
The planes were knocked into each other, 'rounding off' all of her edges.
She was taken outside, tied down and parked for 15 years. Then the wings
were pulled off and she was moved to a barn for another 12 years.

We purchased her about 8 years ago, and now we are starting to work on her a bit.

The panel and interior show the original panel.

The wings seem to be stuffed with straw and grass from having sat
outside for years. The grass is even showing in the landing light.
The bottom skins are removed to reveal the disgusting grass inside.
Fortunately, no dead birds of mice.

The rest of the wings were stripped. The nastiest paint I have ever
worked with. Looked AND smelled like puke.

Ken has made new skin for the bottoms of the wings and the leading edges.