Updated 6-1-14

This airplane was wrecked in 1968. It was purchased as a project
in 1972, and now it is finally going back together. It came to us
painted with some repairs done.

It originally had no right side brakes. We cleaned up the floor
boards and replaced the brake mastercyliners and added right side brakes.

We removed the firewall and cut the holes for the skylights!

New headliner support bracket and firewall blanket.

The gascolator is cleaned up and a new windshield installed.

Firewall is reinstalled, and the instrument false panel installed.

Door panels on, Tail going on

The RED engine showed up. Along with a box of parts that needed tob be assembled.....

Ken spent a few days dealing with wires and putting parts together.
This was our first foray into the EIS, Electronic Ignition System.
This also has a light weight starter, and a PMG alternator (that also requires putting together!
Now we all know that wiring is Ken's nemesis, and he is always able to make it work,
but that doesn't stop him from whining and complaining about it all the time.
He has been dubbed 'Lord Volt-O-Meter', in honor of his perserverence!

Ken got the Brakes bled, the gear shims installed, and the wheel pant backing plates
installed to we coule put on the Wheel Pants. Then he fit the cowl.

Now we discovered that the wings were repaired, and nobody thought to run string
of wires to aid in the installation of the aileron cables or lights. Thank goodness
we have the technology to fix that! (long conduit and nephew Dan!)

The wings are on, the bolts are tightened, and the next step
is to install the ailerons and flaps.

The airplane is together, weighed and paperwork is finished. The sad part is
that I ran to get the camera to get a picture of it on the scales, and it was up,
weighed and down before I remembered to take the picture! A few pictures of the
interior going in.

Ready for flight, and the First flight in 47 years!

The plane flew great, with minimal adjustments needed.

The owner showed up, jumped in, flew around a bit to get comfortable, and flew it home in one day!