Updated 5-22-2012

This airplane got flipped on its back, so we have some repairs to do.
It came to us on a flatbed trailer. Neighbors think it is great!
Stripping commenced right away

Yes there are three wings... We have an extra patroller wing we
decided to clean up at the same time. The plane is stripped!

We decided to remove the firewall, Bob is thrilled when it comes off!

The front and back of the instrument panel.

The vertical fin required the doublers on the spar. This is an AD
that is from way back when, and has never been done. Now it is!

We got a donor cowl, took apart the original, replaced the nose bowl
and made a silk purse out of a sows ear.

All the controls are removed, then instruments and gauges gone.

The boot cowls had some wrinkles, so they are removed for replacement.

The gear box needed replacement, but when the floor boards were removed,
we discovered an old mouse nest which had caused severe corrosion. The acidic
mouse pee had caused the forward gearbox bulkhead to corrode completely through.
The plane is flipped on its back and the belly skin removed to get access.

Thegear is magnafluxed and checked for cracks. Primed and ready!

Floor boards are modified with inspection holes to keep mouse nests out.
337 Field approval recieved for this. New boot cowl skins cut out.

New boot cowl is back on and the floor boards are reinstalled.

Flaps are dismantled and repaired and rudder is reskinned.

Brake cylinders are cleaned out and rebuilt. Fuselage interior is zinced.

Panel zinced, then painted and new false plastic panel installed.

New glass installed.

New Cabin Top skin made and replaced.

Brand New Cleveland Wheels and Brakes.

Aircraft painted.

Firewall installed. Engine Hung.

Some final assembly pictures.

Some pictures of the final airplane.