5360C is a 1950 Cessna 140A. We call him Chucky.

Chucky was recently restored and tied down outside without the engine on it
when a windstorm came through and tossed him into a neighboring plane.

He was delivered as a patroller with long range tanks. He only has 866 hours TT.

He is a work in progress.....Updated 1-20-16

October, 2015. Step one, taking off all the bent and broken pieces.

Test fit of the new boot cowls, and then removing the gear in order to get the rest of the paint off.

Finally, the fuselage is stripped. Easy to move around like this!

The aft bulkhead had a corner broken off, so it had to be replaced.
That gave us a good chance to remove the tailwheel bracket, inspect it and
the fuselage beneath it. All went back together just fine!

New discs for the brakes. Wheels disassembled, wheel bearings re-packed,
reassembled. Gear legs inspected, primed, reinstalled with rebuilt wheels/tires.

The wing root fairings were removed, stripped, repaired as necessary,
then the fuselage was primed before reinstalling.

Cabin top skin on, starting to fit the right boot cowl skin.

Getting the boot cowl skin on. Riveting the floor back in.

Stabilizer Rebuild

Panel being painted and put together.

Fuselage on the way to the paint shop. Patroller doors.

Wings painted. Wheel pant painted.