Charlie was purchased in 1968 by Ken's Father, Gene, and we have had it ever since. During his life, he has lived in California, Alaska, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Tennesee and Illinois.

We made the decision to restore Charlie, and took the wings off, put the tail in the 1950 Ford truck, and drug it home where we used the Ford 9N tractor to take the engine off.

We discovered some corrosion in the horizontal stab, so decided to reskin it. We also had to repair the doors.

The wings had some dents from unknown things, so they had to be re-skinned on the top. While they were apart, we used zinc inside. Our son helped, of course!

Lorraine was the designated stripper.

The windshield was replaced, and Ken checks out the new paint on the panel!

We shrink wrapped the wiring and did more stripping on the ailerons.

Curtis helped hook the engine up, and also helped Lorraine work on the rudder pedals.

Ken starts putting on the primer, and then it is ready to go to the airport. The 1950 Ford truck comes to the rescue, again.