When we found this airplane, it had been wrecked in a taxi accident. A Cherokee had been propped, and it got away from the pilot and ran into the side of this 140A. It smashed inso the left side by the door bulkhead, then the prop knocked off the left two cylinders of the engine.

We had to reskin the turtledeck, and the boot cowl.

Reskinning the top of the left wing, and on to paint. Our son was about 9 months old, so he 'helped' alot.

The interior was ORIGINAL. I was able to duplicate it.

Starting to put it together, dragging it to the airport behind the 1950 Ford truck.

What used to take an hour, only took 4 hours with the help of our son!

The interior was no prize to start with, but it was fixed to be quite nice!

We took it out for some flights, and got some pictures with our 140A, Charlie.