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Updated: 10-20-2011
I enjoyed our first Cessna Taildragger so much, I hounded Ken until he agreed to do another one for me. Once again, we used the Lowe Conversion. It is an STC that we think makes the best looking C-150 Taildragger. We found this airplane in Wichita, Kansas. It had been sitting for over 10 years waiting to go flying again.

It is a very original airplane.

Ken proclaimed the original stabilizer trashed because it had a broken spar that had been poorly repaired. That required a trip to Oklahoma to pickup a new/old stabilizer. They are hard to comeby!

After I got back from OK, the first thing we did is put the tailwheel on it.
Then it sat there with 4 wheels. Next step was to take the engine off.

After we pulled off the engine, nose gear and engine mount, we started working on installing the new gear boxes for the 140 gear.

We decided that it would much easier to do lots of things if we removed the firewall, so out it went.
Then we went at it with a power washer and blasted that grease out!

Working on getting the forward C140 gear on. Looks lika a tadpole.
We got the wheels moved to the REAL gear!

We got the back 150 gear off, then got the belly skin off.
Next step was to remove the old 150 gear boxes.

Now the belly is EXPOSED! Need a new belly skin. DAMN, it looks COOL!

New shiney belly skin. Way cool!

On the conventional gear!

Belly Stringers put in and starting to put it back together.
Rear Baggage floor going back in.

The wings are both riddled with hail, they will be re-skinned.
Unfortunatly, the OWL STOL kit will have to go.

Interior is masked off, and the panel is painted.
Then a new windshield is installed.

We have been busy. Painting the outside. Here are some recent pics...

The wings are on, the flaps hooked up, and it is almost looking like it may fly someday!...

The interior is in, and it started up on the first try!

She flies great! Here are some air to air pictures.

Here is the YouTube Video on the restoration: Thelma Flies