This car was purchased brand new by Lorraine's Great Aunt in 1959.
It was given to Lorraine's cousin Kasey as his car in the late 80's.
Then Kasey gave it to Curtis! So we have had it in the family for 50 years! Cousin Kasey used it as his daily driver throughout High School, and in 1993 he brought it out to our house in Illinois and we gave it the two week Earl Shive makeover! Kasey learned body work, while we prepped it for paint and gave it a new interior.

After the two weeks, it was ready to go home and keep working for Kasey!

Fast forward 11 years, and Curtis was getting ready to think about a car.
Cousin Kasey had put the car in the ditch for some reason, (maybe the brakes
went out) and the car was dragged back to the farm and pushed into the corner
of a barn. A tarp was thrown over it and there it sat for years.
Now the barn is needed for barn things, and it is time for the car to either
find a new home or go to the junkyard.

Enter us. We (Lorraine) couldn't see junking the car, even though Ken thought
that would be the best thing for it! So we got help from the best
Cousin-in-Law disconnecting the drive shaft and put it on a car dolly to drag home.

We got it home and started hoseing the dirt off of it.
That Iowa dirt is pervasive, and was in every crack and crevice.

We replaced all the brakes, and master cylinders. (no pictures).
We replaced the fuel pump and gas tank. (no pictures.

We pulled the engine out and sent it out for overhaul. Two weeks later
it came back ready to be installed.

Curtis 'fixed' the trunk latch, but it wasn't fixed. So he had to crawl
into the trunk through the back seat and get the trunk open to fix it again..

Curtis used fiberglass to patch the holes in the floor and trunk. Then he painted it all with POR-15. The BEST stuff for stopping rust!

Curtis played around and got it driving while the seats were out, and now it is his daily driver!.