This car belonged to Ken's Uncle Jack.
It sat in his field for years till we bought it from him. We should have left it there!

We paid a car towing company to drag it out of the field and
deliver it to our door, then started taking it apart.

We pulled the body off of the frame and started cleaning it up.

The rotten metal is removed and new stuff welded in.
We also ground off the old paint and cleaned up the body.

Body work is commenced, and then it is primed and painted.

The frame was cleaned up, sand blasted, and coated with POR-15.

The engine was gross when picked up, but was cleaned up and made to run!

The engine was put on the frame and Ken and Curtis pretended to drive!

All the chrome that went out to be re-chromed and the wheels are painted.

The body is lowered onto the frame and Curtis cleans up the wheels.

The interior was trashed when picked up. Some things had died in the back seat.

The headliner was faling apart and there were mud-dauber nests under the material.

The seats were torn off, sand blasted and recovered./p>

Curtis helped Lorraine put the headliner in.

Curtis practiced driving.

Before and after of the panel.

Some finished pictures.