This is a 1946 Spartan Manor travel trailer that was made by the same company that made the Spartan Executive airplane. This is the first year that they made this trailer.

The trailer had no cabinetry inside, but it had a sound body!

We pulled out all the interior, including wiring and insullation.

After spending what seemed like an eternity with a face mask on and cleaning it out,
it was time for new flooring.

After we figured out where all the stuff was going to go, the next step was to put in the wiring and insullation. After the insullation went on, we could install the 1/4" oak veneered plywood side panels.

As the side panels went in, we could start building the cabinetry.

The hitch was only about 22 inches long, and resulted in gashes in the front of the trailer from bashing whatever was pulling it, so we lengthened the hitch quite a bit.

The doors were taken apart and new insullation was put in.

The original spring suspension was shot, as were the brakes, so we removed all
the wheels and tires and got a new tor-flex axel with new rims and tires.

Originally there was no water system in these trailers.
We added a holding tank and a fresh water tank to the rig.

The rear of the trailer was a solid piece of aluminum. We cut one of the back panels off and made an access panel under the rear bed. Now there was access to storage from outside as well as a bed that hinged upwards for access from the inside.

When finished, the trailer had a full water system and could run the lights and water system and stove while dry camping. When plugged into 110v, the built in stereo system worked along with the refrigerator and hot water heater. It slept 4 (bedroom in the back, bed in the front), and had lots of space inside!

Some finished pictures of the inside.