This is a Woody Pusher. It is a homebuilt replica of the 1930's Curtiss Wright Jr.
This one was built in 1976. We picked a really crummy, cold day to bring it home from
75 miles away. Lorraine did the honors, and bundled up in lots of down layers!

Ken flew it around for 15 minutes till he too froze,
then we started taking it apart.

The wings were last covered in 1976, and since they are wood,
we figured they needed to be looked at. Besides, they had been
painted over the original dope with something that was reacting to the dope.
Because of that, the fabric was cracking and peeling. Time to recover!

Ken inspected it and we found that many of the small wooden parts
had fallen off, and others would fall off at the touch. We poked and
prodded, and re-glued the whole thing.

Then it was time to recover the wings and control surfaces.

The parts were rib-stitched and primed.

The fuselage is masked and painted.

The fuselage is finished and the wings are painted.

Then we were done and flying! Some finished pictures!

Oh, and the orange wigs were REQUIRED when flying the Woody.
It added to the whole image thing!