9467A is a 1949 Cessna 140A. We call him Albert.

Albert was flying just fine till a gear box broke, tearing the right gear out from under him.

The airplane had a strange shoulder harness installed. The former installation required holes in the roof top to access bolts to secure the harness. A new cabin roof was installed. The old one had tears in it and the holes for the former shoulder harness. New Hooker harness shoulder harness attach points installed.

Brakes removed, overhauled, reassembled and reinstalled.
Interestingly, this airplane did not have right side brakes.

Lots of things on this airplane have never been removed.
These are Reed Prince screws. An idea that never took off.

Meanwhile… We have a CRAZY friend who likes to polish for his ‘therapy’.
He has been working on each of the completed pieces and it is starting to look fantastic!