Lowe Aviation C-150 Tailwheel Conversion STC

If you would like to order the LOWE AVIATION Cessna 150 tailwheel conversion, Order it here.

If you are looking for direction on replacing the headliner in your Cessna 120 or 140, order the Cessna 120/140 Headliner Installation Video.

If you would like to replace the old straight stack or pancake mufflers in your Cessna 120/140 with the modern Cessna 150 mufflers, Order the 150 muffler STC.

If you need new cowl latches for your Cessna 120/140/170, Order new Latches here.

If you would like to replace the Cessna wing clips with Pop Rivets, Order here.

If you would like to live on an airport, check out FlyInHomes.com!

Taildragger Aviation got its name when we started a business redoing Airplane Interiors, specializing in Cessna 120 and 140s. We incorporated our business, and became known as Taildragger Aviation.

We are located in Northern Illinois, on the Poplar Grove Airport (C77).

We have since branched out, and in addition to doing Cessna 120’s, 140’s and 140A’s we also do interiors on other airplanes as well as complete restorations.

In a pinch, we also ferry all kinds of airplanes all over the US, from J-3 Cubs, Stearmans, Beech 18s, DC-3s and B-17s!

If you have any questions, or want to see something else here, 
just email me! (You can pretend you are sending stuff to Ken, but we all know he doesn’t do computers, so be forewarned, EVERYTHING goes through Lorraine first).